Adaptation movie

This is a movie about a movie, or rather, the making of a movie. The ST is the book “The orchid thief”, and the TT is the movie Charlie Kaufman was trying to write the script for. The movie then became much more than just a simple book adaptation, as it ended up havingĀ a life of its own.

This movie shows that adaptations can sometimes elaborate on the actual ST it adapted from. If we think about it in terms of human and intelligent machines, the code acts as an adaptation of the human’s commands, sometimes elaborations are needed to clarify to make it easier for machines to understand. As when I write codes in a programming language, I am adapting a formula into the computer’s language, in which, I have to specifically write out certain things or the computer would not understand.

The adaptation I choose is “Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn. There were specific differences from the book to the movie adaptation as there are certain things that wouldn’t be as suitable if done on film (as all of the flashbacks are the female character’s narratives, and it wouldn’t have been possible to put all that on film as time does not permit). Also for the interest of time, the details are really trimmed down at some parts. Overall, it is still considered a very faithful adaptation of the original novel.